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Area Plan Helper

BOMA Area Plan Revit addin (Beyond AEC Hackathon 2018)

A 23 hour Beyond AEC Hackathon Revit addin that assists in generating accurate, 80% complete BOMA area plans based on occupancy categories assigned to rooms.


Event /

Beyond AEC Hackathon 2018​

Project Team /

Matt Mason - Rand

Chris Mungenast - Elkus Manfredi

Jess Purcell -  Shepley Bulfinch

Medium / 

C# Revit Addin


Year / 


The current process for generating BOMA area plans in Revit is both inefficient and hard to track it's accuracy. It takes a Project Manager/Architect about an hour to collect all of the area data from the area plans, format them, and hand them off to the client. But it can take the project team 4-12 hours to draw in all the areas, or go through and verify that existing area lines are correct as the plan changes.

The Area Plan Helper creates a fresh area plan placing area lines on walls based on occupancy type defined in the adjacent rooms. The project team now only needs to clean up any unresolved corners, and is confident that the lines are in the correct location.

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Occupancy Categories are given a weighted value based on which spaces would own a wall in their square footage. Adjacent room's values are compared across any given wall and the line is placed on the side of the lower value room, or down the middle for equal valued rooms.

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