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Pagluica Harvard Life Lab

Immersive Interactive VR Model


The VR model of the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab served as a soft opening, allowing start up companies to experience how the space would look and function before leasing lab space.

Using the model, Harvard was able to lease out most of the space before the construction was completed

Project Architect / 

Shepley Bulfinch

Type / 

Interactive VR model

Medium / 

Sketchup, Unreal Engine

Year / 


VR developer / 

Angeline Focht, Jess Purcell

Silhouetted figures notify the user of interactive options in the model, while glowing orbs toggle on and off popups telling the story of the project.

Click and drag to look around

Co-working lounge in 360

Stairs to Wet Labs in 360

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