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Live Revit Model Metrics

Putting model health data in front of everyday users


At Shepley Bulfinch, we've built and tested many iterations of model health dashboards to help our project teams quickly see the state of their model and identify actions the team can take to proactively take care of their model before corruption and slow performance.

All of our experiments showed us that model health information is not effective unless users are aware of it, and it is convenient to see.

Project Architect /

Shepley Bulfinch

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PowerBI, SQL, Dynamo, Python, Revit


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Our model data ecosystem includes user and model information pulled on open and sync in Revit via Project Activity Logger Addin (CTC software), model information stored in sql via Clarity task servers, and information that exists within the model itself.

A dynamo script, with some python, can pull together model health information from the file and various sql sources to show up to date model metrics. This script can be run manually by project teams, or automated to run nightly via clarity, presenting users with current model metrics without having to do a thing.


The Dyanmo script searches text notes on the Revit message board landing page that match the metric's name and replaces the text following the colon with new data.

When users open their model (or run the Dynamo script) their message board looks like this:

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