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Model Health Dashboards

Tracking the Health of your Revit Model


At Shepley Bulfinch, we've built and tested many iterations of model health dashboards to help our project teams quickly see the state of their model and identify actions the team can take to proactively take care of their model before corruption and slow performance.

Project Architect /

Shepley Bulfinch

Project Team /

Jess Purcell​

Kyle Martin

Medium / 

PowerBI, SQL, Dynamo


Year / 


This initial dashboard shows the trends of file size and model performance over time as well as current statistics along the bottom. Data is collected to excel files via a DynamoBIM script written by Kyle Martin and analyzed in PowerBI

2017-04-07 14_44_54-Revit Model Performa

One of our larger projects had the team members assigned to different level of the project, which made for an interesting approach to categorizing warnings by responsible party. The warnings log is exported from Revit and parsed by level using a DynamoBIM script written by Kyle Martin. Using Synoptic Panel for PowerBI, a section of the building can be traced with cells that can hold data and change color based on thresholds. Like most other PowerBI visuals, these values can change dynamically through filtering.

2017-04-07 14_44_39-Revit Model Performa

Recent iterations of the dashboard are populated with sql data that is being pulled automatically via Revit addin anytime a user opens a model or syncs.

The Project at a Glance page is distilled down to show just what a Project Manager or Model Lead would want to see first. Average open and sync times for the last week, Warnings by model, and Audit history.

2018-12-13 15_45_34-Window.png

The Project Team Page allows users to see who has accessed each model in the date period specified. Machine performance is also displayed, allowing Project managers to identify users who may not be accessing the model in the preferred method, or need a machine cleanup/replacement.

Open and Sync ranges shine more light on the model performance than just average times.

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