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Staffing Dashboard

Connect those with skills with the teams that need them


At Shepley Bulfinch, we've asked all of our staff to fill out "Baseball Cards" about their skills and experience. Not only does this allow the staffing body to staff project based on the project needs, but allows lesser known, or newer staff to make their skills known.

This PowerBI dashboard analyzes the staff's Baseball Card data to help the staffing body quickly find the people they need.

Project Architect /

Shepley Bulfinch

Medium / 

PowerBI, SQL


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Users can select the skills and experience level needed listed in a staffing request, and get a list of all users that meet the selected criteria.


Another feature of the Baseball Card is that in addition to a ranked 0-3, each skill also has check box for "interested in learning." We can use PowerBI to generate lists of people who are interested in learning and people who have self identified as experts (3) for any given skill.

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